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Working principle of rectifier unit

Publisher: Administrator Date:2021-03-05

The rectifier diode is a kind of PN junction diode that uses the unidirectional conductivity of the PN junction to change the alternating current into a direct current. Generally, devices with current capacity below 1 ampere are called rectifier diodes, and those with a current capacity of more than 1 ampere are called rectifiers. Commonly used semiconductor rectifiers include silicon rectifiers and selenium rectifiers, with hundreds of product specifications, with voltages ranging from tens of volts to thousands of volts, and currents ranging from a few amperes to several thousand amperes. Rectifiers are widely used in various forms of rectified power supplies. The high-power rectifier power supply requires the rectifier to have large current capacity, high breakdown voltage, and good heat dissipation performance. However, this device has a large junction area and large junction capacitance, so the operating frequency is very low, generally below tens of kilohertz.

Extended information
The main application of the rectifier is to convert AC power to DC power. Since all electronic devices need to use internal direct current, but the power supply of the power company is AC, unless a battery is used, the power supply of all electronic devices must have a rectifier inside.
As for converting the voltage of the DC power supply, it is much more complicated. One method of DC-DC conversion is to first convert the power to AC (using a device called an inverter), then use a transformer to change the AC voltage, and finally rectify it back to DC power.
Rectifiers are also used in amplitude modulation (AM) radio signal detection. The signal may be amplified (amplify the amplitude of the signal) before detection. If it is not amplified, a diode with a very low voltage drop must be used.
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SXD-PWH series high frequency switching power supply is a high frequency switching power supply originally developed and successfully developed by our factory. It has a completely different working principle from the previous power frequency silicon controlled rectifiers. It generates low voltage and large current output through the input high voltage AC rectifier-high voltage filter-high voltage and high frequency regulation-low voltage and high frequency rectification. Its working principle determines that the power supply has higher conversion efficiency and higher current conversion efficiency than the silicon controlled rectifier. Power factor has become the preferred power supply product for many customers. Using this power supply can significantly reduce production costs and improve product quality. Compared with thyristor power supplies, production energy consumption can be reduced by 20%-30%, bringing considerable economic benefits to users . The power supply is small in size and light in weight (water-cooled is smaller than air-cooled), and it is very easy to install and use, which can save valuable production space for users. The main power high frequency transformer of SXD-PWH series high frequency switching power supply adopts imported nano crystal/ultramicro crystal, high permeability material as the magnetic core, which is small in size and high in efficiency.
High-frequency and high-power switching components (IGBT), power drive modules, and three-phase bridge stack are all selected from international famous brands such as Mitsubishi, Fuji, Freetech, Germany, etc. The circuit board components are all selected from famous manufacturers. Our company has developed a unique water-cooled high-frequency electroplating power supply (patent pending), which has better cooling effect, anti-salt spray acidification, increases the service life of the power supply in harsh environments, and has stronger corrosion resistance, which can greatly extend the service life of the power supply. The water discharged from the machine is free of any pollution and can be recycled and reused!
SXD-PWH series high frequency switching power supply has complete protection functions: input phase loss, undervoltage, overheating, overcurrent, short circuit protection, safe and reliable.
The SXD-SS-SR series high frequency switching power supply has the following advantages compared with the ordinary switching power supply in the same market:
1. The full-bridge phase-shift soft switching control method is adopted to eliminate the switching stress to the greatest extent, and the world's latest full-bridge soft switching control IC is adopted, which has the function of automatically adjusting and setting the trigger pulse sequence parameters to achieve the best IGBT switching time. The IGBT switching loss is minimized, and the IC with its own synchronous rectification drive function is adopted, which simplifies the synchronous rectification drive circuit. Make its work more stable and reliable.
2. Adopt advanced logic interlock control circuit to eliminate pulse false trigger and overcome bridge arm short circuit.
3. It eliminates the magnetic bias problem, mainly in the following two aspects:
(1) The primary transformer of the main transformer uses series blocking capacitors
(2) Add an automatic bias correction circuit
4. Using foreign original imported MOS tubes as secondary side rectifiers, and using advanced and reliable special imported synchronous rectification module technology, the efficiency of this high-frequency switching power supply is about 15% higher than that of similar ordinary rectifying switching power supplies under low voltage and high current conditions.
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