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Application characteristics of high frequency electrolytic power supply in electroplating industry

Publisher: Administrator Date:2021-03-05

The high-frequency electrolysis power supply adopts high-frequency switching pulse technology, and the power supply product has a reasonable structure and strong reliability. The power supply has become an updated product of the silicon controlled rectifier due to its small size, light weight, high efficiency, and high reliability. It has been widely used in various plating solutions in the electroplating industry.
Let's take a look at the characteristics of high-frequency electrolysis power supply:
1. Small size and light weight: The size and weight of the silicon controlled rectifier are 1/5-1/10, which is convenient for planning, expansion, movement and installation.
2. High working efficiency: Switching power supply adopts high-frequency transformer, which greatly improves the conversion efficiency. Under normal circumstances, the efficiency is higher than that of SCR equipment by more than 10%, and when the load rate is less than 70%, it is more efficient than SCR equipment. The high rate is over 30%.
3. High technical content: The core components adopt international patented technology products, and the control circuit adopts proprietary technology, which has strong voltage stabilization performance and improves work efficiency.  
4. Strong reliability: Ensure the safe operation of equipment, reduce failures, complete protection, and reasonable isolation and anti-corrosion measures.
5. High control accuracy: Due to the fast response of the system, it is highly adaptable to changes in the grid and load, and the output accuracy can be better than 1%. The working efficiency of the switching power supply is high, so the control precision is high, which is beneficial to improve the product quality.
6. Good power-saving effect: Compared with silicon controlled rectifiers, it can save power by 15%-30%, which will surely play an important role in reducing the cost of enterprises.
7. Strong flexibility: The output voltage and current are adjustable, and the voltage limit and current limit are adjustable, which greatly improves the flexibility of customers.
8. Complete protection functions: soft start protection, input AC undervoltage and overvoltage protection, and output overcurrent and overheat protection.
9. The output waveform is easy to modulate: Due to the high operating frequency, the output waveform adjustment is relatively low in processing cost, and the output waveform can be changed more conveniently according to the user's process requirements. This has a strong effect on improving work site efficiency and improving the quality of processed products.
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