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How to choose electrophoresis power supply?

Publisher: Administrator Date:2021-03-05

Nowadays, high-frequency electrophoresis power supplies and SCR electrophoresis power supplies are commonly used in the market. However, many people do not know whether the SCR electrophoresis power supply equipment is good or not. The following is the Shenzhen Rongdaxin electrophoresis power supply manufacturer to explain to you whether it is high High frequency electrophoresis power supply is better or SCR electrophoresis power supply. 1. The advantages of high frequency electrophoresis power supply and SCR electrophoresis power supply:
Advantages of high frequency electrophoresis power supply:
1. It can make the electroplating layer more uniform, good compactness, high smoothness, and enhance the wear resistance of the plated parts.
2. Complete soft start and stop functions, with automatic protection functions such as overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, overheating, and short circuit, with high reliability.
3. Short working hours, high efficiency, saving raw materials, reducing costs, and multiplying the efficiency of output value.
4. The electrophoresis power supply has undergone strict testing and long-term aging experiments before leaving the factory, and can operate continuously and stably day and night.
5. The electrophoresis power supply is small in size and relatively easy to handle.
6. The failure rate is extremely low (mean time without failure) ≥ 50000 hours, reliable and durable. Advantages of SCR electrophoresis power supply:
1. Use low power to control high power, and the power magnification is as high as hundreds of thousands of times;
2. The response is extremely fast, opening and closing within seconds;
3. Non-contact operation, no sparks, no noise;
4. High efficiency, low cost, etc.;
2. Judging from the operation of the equipment:
1. Work efficiency: SCR electrophoresis power supply is only about 70%; while high-frequency electrophoresis power supply can reach more than 90%.
2. On the transformer: SCR electrophoresis power supply requires a power frequency transformer, which is relatively large and weighs more than 200kg; there is no power frequency transformer on the high frequency electrophoresis power supply, only a high frequency transformer, and the weight is only 30kg.
3. From the controlled device: SCR electrophoresis power supply: controllable SCR; high-frequency electrophoresis power supply: IGBT.
4. Energy-saving efficiency: SCR electrophoresis power supply: relatively poor; high-frequency electrophoresis power supply: obvious energy saving, compared with ordinary SCRs, it can save electricity by 15%-30%.
5. Start and stop with load: SCR electrophoresis power supply: not allowed; high-frequency electrophoresis power supply: start with load is allowed.
6. Control circuit: Thyristor electrophoresis power supply: complex, with synchronization requirements, not easy to integrate; high-frequency electrophoresis power supply: special integrated circuit board, and anti-corrosion treatment, completely sealed.
With the advancement of technology, the electrophoresis power supply system has become more and more perfect, stable and effective, high-frequency electrophoresis power supply and thyristor electrophoresis power supply have their own characteristics.
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